PERM Recruitment San Diego California [Professional]

This package includes the required PERM recruitment options for a professional position e.g. that which requires an advanced academic degree e.g. Bachelor's, Master's, phD.:

DOL Mandatory Recruitment Steps:

1.  SWA Job Order California Employment Development Dept.  Includes coordination with the law firm, and employer, regarding details required to register.  Includes posting of a 30 day Job Order on the Caljobs EDD website, and evidential documentation by way of PDF printouts of the Start and End dates of the posting.
2.  2 consecutive print ads in the newspaper of general circulation for San Diego county which is the San Diego Union Tribune.

DOL Additional Recruitment Steps:

3.  Local newspaper ad in San Diego Reader. 1 Week.
4.  Radio Ad on KIFM-FM
5.  Professional Organization On-line Job Posting

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